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Emotional intelligence training for individuals and organizations

Intelligence Partnership is a unique education and consultancy service specializing in Emotional Intelligence Development

Intelligence Partnership works with individuals, schools, universities, public and private sector organisations of any size and complexity. Its primary aim is to improve individual and organizational emotional and cultural well-being.

Our services include extra-curricula education (e.g. summer schools); online education and consultancy; corporate wellbeing programmes including cultural auditing; parental guidance; emotional intelligence progression; youth guidance; and self-love learning for children and adults.

Dr Stephen Whitehead

Stephen is an internationally recognized expert on gender identity, men and masculinities and international education. He is the creator of the Total Inclusivity concept and author of 16 books, including Toxic Masculinity; Total Inclusivity at Work; The Relationship Manifesto; and The Many Faces of Men. He is Co-Founder and Director of Whitehead Lee & Associates (educational consultants) and previously Professor of Gender Studies (UK and Taiwan).

For more information, go to: www.stephen-whitehead.com

Ms Van Thanh Binh

Binh is an empath who specialises in self-love and emotional well-being. She has been observing, researching, writing and teaching emotional intelligence for over twenty years. She is a Lecturer in Emotional Intelligence and Literature of English-Speaking Countries at the University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. Binh is a specialist consultant in emotional wellbeing and has been providing emotional and wellbeing support for women, children and parents for over ten years.

For more information go to: www.vanthanhbinh.com

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Intelligence Partnership is a unique education and consultancy service specializing in Emotional Intelligence, Total Inclusivity and Self-Love.

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